If you’re visiting the site for the first time, we highly recommend the Collection of High Strangeness, and our 444’s, level 2 and above.  

    This classification of events is take from Jacques Vallée’s groundbreaking UFO investigation, Confrontations: A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact, published in 1990. This model of classification is interesting to me personally because of its ability to incorporate virtually every form of paranormal experience. As an occultist, this is a useful way to bridge my interest of the paranormal & UFOlogy with occultism & the system of A∴A∴.
    This model can also include folklore & mythology (excluding all connections with Von Däniken). For further reading, see Passport to Magonia, many cases of which will also be included here.
    You may also want to check out our Bibliography
    The goal of this site is to provide access to many unexplainable events in hopes that others are inspired to research and investigate. As Vallée writes, “It will take many years, and more resources and skills than one person can assemble, to solve this problem.” (p. 22).

The system is defined as follows: 
Four overarching categories:
    AN - Anomaly
    FB - Flyby
    MA - Maneuver
    CE - Close Encounter

Each of these have five categories: 
    1 - Sighting
    2 - Physical Effects
    3 - Living Entities
    4 - Reality Transformation
    5 - Lasting Injury

Next is a Credibility Rating, which has three levels. 
    Source Reliability Rating
    Site Visit Investigation Rating
    Possible Explainations Rating

Each of these have five levels.
    0 - Unknown source or unreliable source
    1 - Report attributed to a known source of uncalibrated reliability 
    2 - Reliable source, secondhand
    3 - Reliable source, firsthand
    4 - Firsthand personal interview with the witness by a source of proven reliability.

    0 - No site visit, or answer unknown
    1 - Site visit by a casual person not familiar with such phenomenon
    2 - Site visit by persons familiar with such phenomenon
    3 - Site visit by a reliable investigator with some experience
    4 - Site visit by a skilled analyst

    0 - Data consistent with one or more natural causes
    1 - Natural explanation requires only slight modification of the data
    2 - Natural explanatation requires gross alteration of one parameter
    3 - Natural explanation requires gross alteration of several parameters
    4 - No natural explanation possible, given the evidence.

Needless to say, this site will generally focus on cases with a creditibility rating above 222, unless referencing historical, folkloric, or mythological cases. I’ve also opened up Flybys and Maneuvers to include aquatic sightings.

Also included is an essay I’ve written about UFO Hoaxes. That can be read here︎︎︎.
We’ve also added an archive of the famous periodical “The Flying Saucer Review,” which contains many early essays by prominent UFO researchers, as well as Cynthia Hind’s “UFO Afrinews” journal.  

This site is dedicated to the thinkers and scientists who are still openminded enough to consider all of this data, specifically Charles Fort, Aleister Crowley, Jacques Vallée, John A. Keel, and Robert Anton Wilson.