UFO Afrinews...

    UFO Afrinews was spearheaded by seasoned researcher Cynthia Hind, documenting and reporting on UFO encounters in Africa until her death on August 21st, 2000. This rare journal counteracts the modern bigoted belief that “only white people get abducted by aliens.” 


-UFO Afrinews, No. 1, July 1988

Abductees in Southern Africa:
    -Report from Jenny
    -Report from M.B.
    -Report from Janet
Some Unusual Cases:
    -W.S. Van Heerden
    -J.S. of Cape Town
    -Caroline of Zimbabwe
    -The Whistling Case
Book Review: “Intruders”
Aliens: Speculation as to their origins

-UFO Afrinews, No. 2, June 1989

    New Case Reports
    Learning How to be a UFO Investigator
    Letters to the Editor
    Unusual Shapes and Sizes
    Where do we go from here?
    New Case Reports (Continued)
    Odd Points to Ponder
    Brief Reports Over the Years of Unexplained Lights
    Book Review: “Phenomenon”
    In Conclusion
    New Books Worth Buying

-UFO Afrinews, No. 3, May 1990

    UFO Crash on Botswana/South African Border
    Hilary Evans Writes
Recent Cases:
    -UFO Over Beira
    -Tzaneen Mountain Case
    -A Strange Pattern of Lights
Cases not previously reported:
    -Buckmasters Farm
    -The Irene Township Sighting
    -Further Reports from Dave Van Rhyn
    -Some Intimate Encounters
    Letters to the Editor
    How to Become a UFO Investigator
    Follow-up to the Du Toit’s Kloof Case
    Book Review and Commentary

-UFO Afrinews, No. 4, March 1991

    -Janet of Bulawayo
    -Bruce of Harare
    Report from Namibia
Cases of L I T S:
    -The Booysens Triangle
    -Unusual LITS in Gweru
    -Bophutatswana Airport Light
    -Unexplained Light visible in the Vumba
Water and its Significance with regard to UFOs:
    -Dry Farm Dam in Namibia
    -Empty Water Tank in Natal
    -Ball of Fire in Fort Beaufort Farm
    -Du Toit’s Kloof Case
Further Report on the Alleged Botswana Border UFO Crash - Cynthia Hind
The “Crem Alphabet from Reticuli”, Fact, Fiction or Fantasy? - Maria Sullivan
More Light on the Mt. Kilimanjaro Case
New Cases:
    -The Vanishing Cylinder at Hangklip
    -JB and the Tie-up with the 1975 “Hoax”
    -Circle in the Grass, Harare
How to Become an Investigator, Pt. 2
Recommended Books
Letters to the Editor
Book Review and Commentary - Prier Wintle

-UFO Afrinews, No. 5, January 1992

-UFO Afrinews, No. 6, July 1992

-UFO Afrinews, No. 7, January 1993

-UFO Afrinews, No. 8, September 1993

-UFO Afrinews, No. 9, February 1994

-UFO Afrinews, No. 10, August 1994

-UFO Afrinews, No. 11, February 1995

-UFO Afrinews, No. 12, July 1995

-UFO Afrinews, No. 13, February 1996

-UFO Afrinews, No. 14, July 1996

-UFO Afrinews, No. 15, January 1997

-UFO Afrinews, No. 16, July 1997

-UFO Afrinews, No. 17, February 1998

-UFO Afrinews, No. 18, July 1998

-UFO Afrinews, No. 19, January 1999

-UFO Afrinews, No. 20, July 1999

-UFO Afrinews, No. 21, January 2000

-UFO Afrinews, No. 22, July 2000