1989 September 16, Nicolayev, CE4 334

    ““Abductions have become especially common during 1989,” Azhazha said, “so common that we believe we have now identified the mechanism of these events. I will give you three examples.”

    Our pens were flying as we took notes over the next hour.

    The first case mentioned by Azhazha took place in a suburb of Nicolayev at midnight on September 16, 1989. Nicolayev is a city of a half million people, a Black Sea port about seventy miles northeast of Odessa. A young woman who worked at the meat- packing plant there had left her job early to catch the tramway home. She was alone. The tramway lights came into view. Suddenly she realized she was being levitated to a height of 160 feet. In the meantime the whole crew had left the plant and saw their coworker floating in the air, alongside an unidentified object.

“Naturally, everyone started yelling and screaming” Azhazha told us, “and eventually she was returned to the ground. But we wonder if many isolated people are not abducted this way.”

    The second incident occurred... ” 

- UFO Chronicles in the Soviet Union p. 36