1989 October 11, Nalchik, CE4 333

    “The second incident occurred near Nalchik, in the Caucasus, on October 11, 1989. A sixteen-year-old girl who was in a courtyard was approached by an object. She was not abducted, but she suffered severe burns on her hands and had to be hospitalized for stress. The actual location was the village of Maelski, and the time was between 6:00 and 6:15 p.m. The girl, Natasha Barinova, was a student at a technical college and was well regarded by her teachers. She had walked home and had reached the yard in front of her house when she felt that she was being lifted up, as in the case in Nicolayev three weeks earlier. But the unusual aspect in this particular event is that she saw a net falling toward her from the sky. In the center of the net was a bright white point. She tried to push it back and received an electric shock. When she screamed her voice came out sharp and shrill, as if acoustic waves had been distorted by the atmosphere around her. Her family rushed out of the house and saw her in the air, with a flying disk hovering less than fifty feet away.

    “What was the nature of her injuries?” I asked Azhazha.

    “It was as if something had tried to pull the skin from her fingers. The tips of her fingers were en- larged.”

    “How did the event end?”

    “The disk vanished and she found herself back on the ground. She was paralyzed for a while.”

    The most remarkable case... ” 

- UFO Chronicles in the Soviet Union p. 36-37