1989 June, Vologda, CE3 113

    “In the Vologda region of central Russia, on June 6, 1989, schoolchildren near the village of Konantsevo saw a luminous dot in the sky. The dot became larger and soon turned into a shining sphere. It landed in a meadow and moved to the nearby river as the children watched from a quarter mile away. The sphere then appeared to split and “something resembling a headless person in dark garb” appeared, its hands reaching lower than its knees. The sphere and the creature quickly became invisible.

    Three more spheres, some of them associated with entities, later landed in the same meadow.

    On June 11 at 9:20 p.m. a woman named O. Lubnina saw a fiery ball above Vologda. It was visible for seventeen minutes.

    During the summer the newspaper Socialist Industry, which does not have a reputation for publishing fanciful stories, told of a close encounter between a milkmaid named Lyubov Medvedev and an alien in the Perm region of central Russia. The alien was a dark figure, taller than a man, with short legs and only a small knob where its head should have been. The figure reportedly became “fluorescent” and disappeared.” 

- UFO Chronicles in the Soviet Union p. 11-12 


“(...Azhazha speaking:) “Last year in Vologda some spheres were seen in the sky. They were about sixteen feet in diameter. What was unusual was that these spheres did not look like a craft at all. Instead they resembled a woman’s face. This seems absurd. What can we do about such a report? We do not even have a good working hypothesis. Yet the logic of the events shows that the phenomenon has existed as long as human civilization itself, as we said a moment ago.”

    “How do you deal with humanoid reports?”

    Azhazha had obviously expected that I would ask him this question. He sipped some tea, sat back in his chair, and said calmly: “We have many reports of such beings. They vary widely in their appearance and size, from some nine inches to forty-five feet in a report from the Volga region in 1989. I hasten to say that we have not yet analyzed this case, so I will not vouch for its reliability; it is simply too recent.

    “How do you approach this problem?”

    “The first challenge we face is to try and detect the real signal in the midst of a great deal of noise. We find that the witnesses are generally sane. What is ob- vious is they have healthy minds, contrary to what many academic scientists think. But the observations are truly bewildering. When a UFO being appeared in Vologda it seemed to be flat, and its head was lower than its shoulders! People who saw it from the side reported it seemed to be only about three inches thick. Such reports obviously challenge everything we know, unless you are right with your theory about other dimensions being involved, beyond ordinary spacetime.”

    The most remarkable case...

- UFO Chronicles in the Soviet Union p. 34