2011 March 12, Southern California, FB1 322

    This case was given to me first hand by a good friend and co-worker that I’ve known for many years.

    “On the 60 freeway heading west between the 71 freeway and the Diamond Bar Blvd exit. As im driving to work a large and bright multicolored (predominantly red/orange) UFO flew closely above the freeway as I drove across it. No noticeable sound heard over the driving noise, and upon checking rearview mirror there was no longer any sign of it. Perceived to be larger than an average helicopter but maneuvering very close above the freeway in a way that seemed too quick for a regular aircraft. It was also momentary, so no notice of the craft approaching the area, only visible immediately as it was in the area of the freeway I was driving. It is downhill so the vantage point would have been good to see it coming from a distance.“

    They were alone and noted their feelings: “Excitement and general joy in seeing something unknown. Suspicion and uncertainty about what I had just seen. None of these were specific to the experience occurring itself.”