1989 September 21, Voronezh, CE3 444

    “The rest of the article consisted of an interview with Professor Genrikh Silanov, a physicist from the Spectral Analysis Laboratory of the Voronezh Geophysical Institute and a member of the Section on the Study of Anomalous Phenomena of the Society for Radio-Engineering, Electronics, and Communication. He related that at least three landings of UFOs had taken place in Voronezh. The earliest one had been observed on September 21 at 8:30 p.m. by boys from Mendeleyev Street. A sphere had landed, and two humanoids and a robot had emerged from it.

    According to Silanov, the investigators had been able to trace the outlines of one of the landing sites through the use of biolocation techniques; it was a circle sixty feet in diameter. Within this circle a dowsing rod gave a “definite response,” he said. Investigators also used a device developed by Silanov to measure the bioenergy of humans. They found that inside the circle the bioenergy level was nil. Silanov reported that this effect had been observed previously at several UFO landing sites.

    Within the circle investigators later found four depressions in the ground, each about two inches deep and six inches in diameter. The depressions were located at the four points of a diamond-shaped geometric figure. Again, by using biolocation, Silanov claimed that he reconstructed the actual path of the humanoids who took several steps away from the craft. The path later shown by the boys who had seen the beings was exactly the same, he said, although they were not aware of the biolocation findings.

    In an interview with the Soviet national daily Iz- vestia, Vladimir Azhazha summarized the observations in Voronezh and wisely added, “I personally believe that it would be a mistake to interpret these facts as evidence of visits by extraterrestrial aliens; our knowledge is still too limited for any convincing scientific interpretation.

On October 11, 1989, the newspaper Selskaya Zhizn published an interesting article in which S. Plotnikov summarized his interviews of the eyewitnesses in Vo- ronezh over the period September 21 to October 7 and named the primary observers. The article noted that among those who saw a red sphere about thirty-five feet in diameter, at an altitude of a thousand feet, were economist V. A. Agibalova and her daughter, Tatiana; an employee of the local power sta- tion, I. V. Nikitina; a retired woman, Y. T. Illarion- ova; a graduate student of the Veronezh Engineering Construction Institute, I. Alexseichev; and the chief engineer of the Design Institute, Y. N. Sviridov. All these people observed the object on various days, between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.  Clearly, the idea of a few teenagers fantasizing about giants in the park had to be eliminated. Another Western media fact was biting the dust of reality.” 

- UFO Chronicles in the Soviet Union p. 44-46