1983 November 11, Brazil, AN3 323

    “In another case that took place at 3:30am in Cajneiro about November 11, 1983, a farm worker was riding his bicycle and suddenly saw a very fat man, glowing with a green shimmering light on the road ahead of him. As he saw this, the bicycle “stalled” and he was unable to make it move forward, no matter how hard he tried. The man walked toward the witness, and as he did so he became tall and skinny instead of short and fat. He stopped and assumed a strange posture, placing his right foot over the left knee, the right hand on the left shoulder, and the right arm straight in the air. (Sic, maybe should be “left arm straight in the air”?)
   Having done so, he simply vanished into thin air.
    The witness was so shaken that he refused to talk to anyone about the incident until a year later, when he agreed to be interviewed. He was still agitated when he gave his testimony and was reluctant to discuss the dreams he has been having since the encounter.”

- Confrontations p. 201