1981 October, Brazil, CE5 334

    “At least five people are said to have died near Parnarama following close encounters with what were described as boxlike UFOs equipped with powerful light beams. These objects, which have been called chupas by the local population, fly over the wooded areas and the river valleys at night.

    All of the victims in Parnarama were deer hunters who had climbed into trees during the night, as is frequently the case in that part of Brazil. People hunt and fish, not for spott or entertainment but to supplement their family’s food supply, and they do it at night because it is cooler and because they have a greater chance of finding game in the woods.

    In most cases the witnesses reported rectangular objects (sometimes compared to ice boxes) flying over the treetops and shining a beam toward the earth. The chupas are said to make a humming sound like a refrigerator or a transformer, and this sound does not change when the object accelerates. The object does not seem large enough to contain a human pilot. It has a light onthe bottom and a light at one end, giving a sealed beam like a car headlight.

    The vitims were Abel Boro, who died on October 17, 1981, while hunting with Ribamar Ferreira; Raimundo Souza, who died on October 19, 1981, while hunting with Anastacio Barbosa; José Vitorio and Dionizio General, who died on an undetermined date, the latter three days after the UFO encounter; and a man named Ramon, who lived in Parnarama.

    Muldoon and Richman quoted the mayor of Parnarama as confirming the cases, and the chief of police, Geraldo dos Santos Magela, as stating that he had examined two of the bodies, finding the blood had been “sucked from them.”

    Ribamar Ferreira described a light coming over him and his friend Abel Boro: it was so bright that it turned night into day, he said. Abel screamed as the object - looking in this case like a giant spinning truck tire with lights on it - surrounded his body with a glittering glow. Ferreira ran to Abel’s house and returned with his family: they found Abel Boro dead his body white “as if drained of blood.” (It is normal for corpses to develop a whitish - grey color because the hemoglobin breaks down after death. This does not mean that the body has been drained of blood, as witnesses often assume.)

    In another case, Dionizio General was atop a hill when an object hovered above him and shot a beam in his direction; it was described as “a big ray of fire.” The witness, José dos Santos, testified that Dionizio seemed to receive a shock and came rolling down the hill. For the following three days, he was insane with terror; then he died.

    The article by Muldoon and Richman also mentioned José Virgino dos Santos, a TV station worker, who fired five rifle shots at an object near his home. The object started to chase him, sending what appeared to be bursts of flames that lit up the area.

    The interviews with witnesses conducted at the site by my architect friend confirmed only some of these reports, which until then had been based on public rumor; understandably, these interviews also enabled him to fill in many details and correct some mistakes. Since Brazilian authorities waited two months after the deaths were reported to visit the site, official information is sketchy and unreliable. The mayor and the police chief have changed. Officials now decline to discuss the subject.”

- Confrontations p. 201