1978 June 24, California, AN1 442

    “That evening we transferred into our truck the equipment brought up from San Francisco by Tom Gates and Paul Cerny, and drove up to the site itself, stopping first at the Saddle, then up to the Highest Point at the end of the trail before returning.

   It was 11:15pm when we saw it. It was just a very bright light, white with a tinge of red, and it lasted no more than ten seconds. The light was straight ahead, several miles away across the valley, on the slope of China Peak, at a site where no vehicle would likely be. But the sighting was too brief for us to stop and set up Tom’s telescope. The light remained a puzzling footnote to our investigation.”

- Confrontations p. 35-37 

    This case is part of the celebrated “Happy Camp” series of sightings, and one of Vallee’s only personal sightings.