1976 April 23, Brazil, CE5 343

    “One of the cases investigated by Bob Pratt concerns Luis Fernandes Barros, a wealthy businessman and rancher in Quixada, who was found dazed at 7:00 a.m. on April 23, 1976. Barros, who was fifty-two at the time, gradually recovered; he reported that two hours before daybreak he had seen a large luminous object that projected a beam in his direction. Here again, the victim’s health soon deteriorated: he suffered from nausea, diarrhea, and headaches. He was seen by his physician, Dr. Moreira Megalhes, in Quixada. The medicine he was given did not help. Other specialists were consulted. They diagnosed a brain lesion and sent him home.

    In the following months Barro’s health continued to worsen. He no longer told his story, because no one believed him other than Dr. Megalhes and his wife. Dr. Megalhes himself was ridiculed by his colleagues for taking the report seriously.

    In three months the victim’s speech deteriorated, and his hair turned white; six months later he had regressed to the level of a one- or two-year-old child. Pratt, who met with Barros in 1986, fond him staring ahead, apparently seeing nothing. However, Dr. Megalhes showed him that Barros had control of his arms and legs and had not suffered a stroke.”

- Confrontations, p. 136.