1969 July 5, Colombia, CE5 444 - 8:30pm

    “On July 5, 1969, near the small town of Anolaima, Colombia, about forty miles northwest of Bogotá, at 8:30pm, two children saw a luminous object three hundred yards away. They grabbed a flashlight and sent out signals. The object came closer - about sixty yards from them. The children called the rest of the family, and all thirteen people who lived in the farmhouse watched the light as it flew off and disappeared behind a hill, the glow remaining visbile. The father, fifty-four-year-old Arcesio Bermudez, took the flashlight and went to investigate.

   When Arcesio came back he was scared. From a distance of less than twenty feet he had seen a small person inside the top part of the object, which was transparent, while the rest of the craft was dark. He saw the being when he turned on his flashlight. The object became bright and took off. 

    Over the next few days his health started to deteriorate. Forty-eight hours after the sighting Arcesio felt very sick. He was cold. His temperature dropped. He was unable to eat and he had dark blue spots on his skin. There was blood in his stools. On the seventh day after the incident his family took him to Bogotá, which is two hours away. He was seen by two physicians who diagnosed acute gastroenteritis. They were not told of the UFO incident. Arcesio died shortly before midnight....”

- Confrontations, p. 130.