1968 November 2, France, MA5 444

    “Dr. X was born in France in 1930; he pursued a successful education, became specialized in a health-related field, and also found the time to cultivate a remarkable musical talent. He lives with his wife and child in a large villa located on a hillside from which one can see a wide landscape.

    His medical history includes one notable event: on May 18, 1958, he was wounded by a mine explosion in Algeria, where he was serving in the French army. He was left with a permanent disability on the right side of his body, which made it painful for him to remain standing for a long time or to support his weight on his right foot. He almost gave up playing the piano because of problems with his right hand. Three days before the sighting, Dr. X was cutting wood with an axwhen he made a false move and wounded himself in the leg, cutting a vein. A hemorrhage followed and the area became inflamed. He was treated immediately, but was still in pain the night of November 2, 1968, when the UFO incident took place.
    That night he was awakened after midnight by his fourteen-month-old son, who was crying. Without turning on the light he got up and went over to the child’s room, noticing some flashes outside. His son was standing in his crib, pointing toward the window: behind the shutters a bright light was moving. He did not pay much attention to it but gave a bottle to the baby, who went back to sleep. Since the light effects were continuing, Dr. X went over to a window and opened the shutters to investigate. When he stepped out on the balcony he would have been visible to anyone observing the house from outside. It was 4:00am.

    At that point, Dr. X clearly saw two large, identical disks, perfectly horizontal. The top of each disk was a silvery white, while the bottom resembled the color of the setting sun. On top of each object was a tall vertical antenna. On the side of each disk was a shorter, horizontal antenna. A white beam was directed toward the ground below. It illuminated familiar features such as bushes and trees, which enabled him to get a precise measurement of the distance of the phenomenon when he reconstructed the sighting in the following days. He computed the actual size of the disks: they had a diameter of two hundred feet and were about fifty feet thick. They were seven hundred feet away from the house.

    The two objects moved slowly, got closer to one another, emitted small sparks between their horizontal antennas, and eventually merged into a single object that changed course and came toward him. It stopped suddenly, the vertical white beam underneath illuminating the roof of a neighbor’s house. Dr. X noticed that the underside was divided into eleven sections, swept by a horizontal line that reminded him of the sweep of a television set. The witness was fascinated by the motion of the line within the red illumination of the object.

    Finally, the disk made a movement that brought it to a vertical position, and the white beam caught the doctor squarely on the balcony where he was standing. He heard a bang and the object vanished, leaving only a whitish form like cotton candy, which drifted away with the wind. A “bright wire” flew off the center of the object as it dematerialized, rising up in the sky, where it changed into a point that exploded like fireworks. Everything was dark again. The doctor felt a nervous shock and went inside. The whole episode lasted only ten minutes.

    Dr. X woke up his wife to tell her about the observation, walking excitedly around the room apparently without any pain in his leg. Not only had the hematoma disappeared, but all traces of his war wound had vanished as well.
    Going back to bed, he fell asleep quickly but started speaking in his sleep. He spoke until 7:00am and slept until 2:00pm. He reported the incident only to Aimé Michel, who visited him on November 8, finding him weak and having suffered some weight loss. The doctor experienced abdominal pain. On November 17 he noticed a curious striated discoloration around his navel. The next day the area was fully developed as a red triangle whose size measured about six inches.

    Aimé Michel suspected a psychosomatic effect because the witness had had a dream in which the object he had seen was associated with a triangular shape. But when the same shape appeared on the abdomen of the child, and when the same phenomena recurred in successive years, the psychosomatic explanation had to be discounted. It is noteworthy that Steven Michalak, too, had reported a V-shaped mark on his chest.

    When I visited Dr. X and his family for the first time in May 1979, Aimé Michel and I spent the day reconstructing the events and the subsequent experiences reported by the witness, none of which have been published in the UFO literature.

    Among these experiences are several claims of unexplained healing. Not only did the earlier condition disappear completely (although it had been tested and established without any doubt by military physicians), but Dr. X also had subsequent spontaneous healing of an open fracture. In this case, he was so embarrassed by the rapid disappearance of the injury that he left town for a few days so that one of his medical colleagues (who had tended the fracture) would not ask questions as he saw him walking normally. Dr. X also told me that a dermatology specialist had been consulted about the triangular skin patch. He stated that the desquamation (dry skin) consisted of dead cells, but that he could not speculate on their probable origin. “

- Confrontations, p. 114-117.