1967 August 22, New Jersey, AN4 302

    “People have vanished from their own backyards while mowing the lawn. Entire families have disappeared leaving behind all their belongings. Bruce Burkan, 19, melted away wearing nothing but a bathing suit. On Aug. 22, 1967, Burkan left his girlfriend on the beach at Asbury Park, NJ and went to put a coin in a parking meter. After waiting for his return for quite a while, his girlfriend checked the car and found it locked.

    Two months later, long after his family had given him up for dead, Bruce Burkan found himself in a bus terminal in Newark, dressed in a cheap, ill-fitting suit, with seven cents in his pocket. He could not remember anything of those missing eight weeks. The date of the return of his memory was Oct. 24th. Students of paranormal happenings have long been puzzled by the fact that so many of these things seem to occur on the 24th of the month.

    On Aug. 15, 1967, seven days before Burkan’s still-unexplained disappearance, a 37-yr. old research scientist named Paul T. MacGregor left his office at the Polaroid Corporation in Boston, MA and started out for Camp Kirby to join his vacationing family. He never got there. One month later, he walked into a police station in Buffalo, NY and told them he didn’t know who he was. His identity was traced through the labels in his clothes and the inscription on his ring. Doctors at Meyer Memorial Hospital in Buffalo examined him, and said they were convinced that he was suffering from amnesia. What occurred on that Massachusetts highway that night that caused his mind to shut off the past?“

- Flying Saucer to the Center of your Mind, p. 177-178.