1966 June 13, Brazil, AN1 430

    “Elcio disclosed to the investigators that he had, indeed, conducted a number of “experiments” with the two victims, one in Manuel’s garden in Campos, and another time on the beach at Atafona. In that experiment Elcio and another man named Valdir had witnessed a huge blast. This had taken place on June 13th, 1966, two months before the tragedy in Niterói. There was an explosion, a luminous object in the sky, a blinding flash. Local fisherman stated they had seen a flying saucer fall into the sea. The explosion was so powerful that it was heard in Campos. But speculation was dampened when the families of the victims testified at the inquest: the devices used at Atafona and in Campos were only homemade bombs, they said, manufactured with pipes and wires.“

- Confrontations, p. 9.