1963 May, England, AN3 432

    “Over the years, astonished amateur cameramen in many parts of the world have taken UFO pictures unexpectedly. Usually they were just photographing some landmark or pastoral scene, but when the pictures were developed, objects appeared that they didn’t see at the time. One of the most publicized pictures of this type was taken by a fireman in England, in May 1963. James Templeton had photographed his little girl in a park near an atomic energy station. Later, when he went to the camera store to pick up the developed pictures, the clerk told him that “It was a shame the best picture had been spoiled by the man the background wearing a white suit. 

    “I thought the clerk was joking at first,” Mr. Templeton told me in a personal letter, “because there was not another soul in the vicinity when I took the photograph.” But there, on the negative, is the clear image of a tall, bloated figure in a white outfit, with a helmet on his head. This figure did not appear in any of the pictures he had taken immediately before and immediately after. He showed the puzzling photograph to the local police, who then forwarded copies to Police HQ in Penrith, England, where it was studied by experts. Film company officials said it was impossible for any kind of exposure to have been made on the film before it had been sold to Templeton. Supt. Tom Oldcorn, head of the Carleton CID, made the understatement of the year when he said, “My photography men have had a look at the print and film, and the feeling is that someone else had gotten into the picture. 

    What? Someone else? An “Invo,” perhaps, wearing some kind of breathing apparatus?” 

- Flying Saucer to the Center of your Mind, p. 165-166.