1955 April 21, Kentucky, AN3 344

    Known as the Kelly-Hopkinsville Case

    “Another case hard to discount is the report of the Kentucky family who claimed to have been besieged by several “little men,” whose appearance was completely fantatsic. The incident occurred on the night of April 21, 1955, and was the occasion of many strange observations of the behavior of the “visitors.” One of the creatures was seen approaching the farmhouse with both hands raised. When it was about twenty feet away, two of the witnesses shot at the intruder. It “did a flip” and was lost in the darkness. Then it appeared at the window when the man came back inside the house and was again shot at. Another creature, seen on the roof, was knocked over by a bullet, and instead of falling, it floated to the ground.  

The entities had oversized heads, almost perfectly round, and very long arms, terminating in huge hands armed with talons. They wore a sort of glowing aluminum suit, which is reminiscent of the sylphs of 1491. Their eyes were very large and apparently very sensitive. They always approached the house from the darkest corner. The eyes had no pupils and no eyelids. They were much larger than human eyes and set on the side of the head. The creatures generally walked upright, but when shot at, they would run on all fours with extreme rapidity, and their arms seemed to provide most of the propulsion.” 

-Dimensions, p. 23-24.

This event was witnessed by 7 adults and 5 children, and resulted in many shots fired from inside the house out to the creatures. This case is also referenced in the show Project Blue Book, and is a case that Dr. Hynek investigated.