1897 April 22, Texas, CE3 103

    “On April 22, 1897, an oblong machine with wings and lights "which appeared much brighter than
electric lights" dropped out of the sky and landed on the farm near Rock-land, Texas, owned by
John M. Barclay. Barclay grabbed his rifle and headed for the machine. He was met by an
ordinary-looking man who handed him a ten-dollar bill and asked him to buy some oil and tools
for the aircraft.

    "Who are you?" Barclay asked.

    "Never mind about my name; call it Smith," the man answered.

    The UFO lore is populated with mysterious visitors claiming inordinately common names like
Smith, Jones, Kelly, Allen, and Brown. In 1897, they often claimed to come from known villages
and cities and were even able to name prominent citizens in those places. But when reporters
checked, they could find no record of the visitors and the named citizens disavowed any
knowledge of them. .”

- The Mothman Prophecies, p. 27-28.