1235, September 24, Japan, MA1 222

    “The date was September 24, 1235, seven centuries before our time, and General Yontsume was camping with his army. Suddenly, a curious phenomenon was observed: mysterious sources of light were seen to swing and circle in the southwest, moving in loops until the early morning. General Yoritsumc ordered what we would now term a "full-scale scientific investigation," and his consultants set to work. Fairly soon they made their report. "The whole thing is completely natural, General," they said in substance. "It is only the wind making the stars sway." My source of information for this report, Yusuke J. Matsumura, of Yokohama, adds sadly: "Scholars on government pay have always made ambiguous statements like this!".“

- Passport to Magonia, p. 5.

    I’m placing this in the 222 category due to the military status of the witnesses, an investigation being carried out, and the explanation literally involving a gross alteration of one parameter.