1965 August 21, Kentucky, AN3 433

    Another Kelly-Hopkinsville Sighting

    “What follows are a number of relevant passages from the notarized account of the investigation he, (Bud Ledwith), made on the morning following the sighting:

    “Seven adults were interviewed in three groups: the three women at noon the following morning, the one man who had been in the field working sice about eight a.m. the same morning, and the other three men after they had returned from an all-day trip to Evansville, Indiana, about eight p.m. that evening.

    All groups agreed that the height of the creatures was from two and a half to three and a half feet. They all agreed that the head was bald, the same color as the body; the head was rather oblong like an egg. Mr. Ledwith recorded the following comments from various of the witnesses: many bullets were fired and a twelve-guage shotgun was used... Whenever it was hit, it would float or fall over and scurry for cover... The shots when striking the object would sound as though they were hitting a bucket. The objects made no sound... while jumping  or walking or falling. The undergrowth would rustle as the objects went through it... There was no sound of walking. The objects were seemingly weightless as they would float down from trees more than fall from them.

    When they approached the house in all cases, the arms were raised in a “stick ‘em up” fashion, and they would approach very slowly on their hind feet. When struck with bullets or a flashlight, they would drop to hands position and run. Since the talon curls much in the same fashion as a hawk’s and the hands were raised above the head, it apparently looked rather like an attack position. However, it may have been a friendly gesture to indicate that they had no weapons. They would move slowly when in the position towards the houses and made no attempt to enter. They just stood and stared until they were frightened away. On several occasions, all lights were turned out back and front and then they would approach from any angle. My personal observations (Ledwith’s) of the people involved are this: the three women know exactly what they saw and accepted the drawing number one as the objects involved. I had them describe, to the best of their ability, each individual detail that is in the picture. I attempted not to lead them... but rather tried to follow their lead in drawing it part by part but the whole operation took about an hour and half before the final drawing was made. As for the three men: I had laid the drawing on the table before the men came in... and one of them picked up the drawing and exclaimed, “That’s it!” We sat down to make changes in accordance with what they saw... The two main differences were the shape of the face... and the husky upper body.””

- The Hynek UFO Report, p. 207-209.

    There is also an account of a very similar event in Vallée’s book Dimensions, referencing the original Hopkinsville Goblin case from 1955.